Monday, January 14, 2019

A few photos

Hello from the Art World!


Hoping you are all doing well!

The Art Show is quickly approaching and the students have been busy preparing their pieces!

Grades Pre-K through Grades 3 students are preparing “negative space” trees on canvas. The students have learned that negative space in art is the area between and around the subject of an image. The trees represented by these classes are based on a children’s book called, The Happiness Tree, and symbolize the many values by which the children at Saint Mary’s live and learn.

Grades 4-8 students have been learning about the life and work of Pablo Picasso, and how Piccaso liked the “shock value” that his distorted portraits created. Picasso also tried to capture the “essence” of his subjects in his unique portraits, and the portraits of the students are certainly interesting and capture the spiritual essence of your beautiful children. The students in Grades 4-8 are also preparing beautiful photos of the world around them, and we are looking forward to showcasing them at the Art Show on January 26th. I look forward to seeing you. - and your young artists - there!

Have a great week!


Mrs. Sirianni

Friday, January 4, 2019


Some pics!

Happy New Year from the Art World!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all the Christmas well-wishes and kindnesses!!

We are getting very excited about the Art Show! The show will be held on Saturday, January 26th, following the 5PM Mass at Saint Mary’s. The theme of the show is environmental stewardship/Earth ministry, and the childrens’ pieces will reflect that.

In grades 4-8 this week, we continued our exploration of Pablo Picasso and the Cubism movement. We studied Picasso’s portraits, in particular, and his inspiration behind painting those distorted faces. The children then began working on their own Picasso-inspired portraits of themselves or friends using oil pastels and/or watercolor crayons. They will be creating Picasso-inspired self-portraits for the Art Show. The students in Grades 4-8 have also been acting as photo journalists, taking photos of things in nature that inspire them and/or of things that illustrate a negative human impact on the environment. I am receiving beautiful and interesting photos that will be exhibited at the show and will demonstrate how your children are witnesses to Christ through their care and appreciation of our natural world. The students in grades Pre-K through Grade 3 will be creating nature-inspired paintings on canvas.

In Pre-Kindergarten through Grade One this week, we engaged in a STEAM-related (Science, Technology, Engineeering, Art, Math) exploration. We discussed the connection between art and science and then created our own snow as well as our own “puffy paint” through reactions between shaving cream and baking soda and shaving cream and glue. The children enjoyed this sensory activity and many painted snowmen and other winter scenes.

It’s been a short week so I look forward to seeing Grades 2 and 3 next week! Have a lovely weekend, and as usual, thank you for all your support and for sharing your extraordinary children with me! Some photos from the week to come!

Mrs. Sirianni

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Updates in the Art World


A few brief updates.....

Students in Grades 4-8 have been learning about the work of Pablo Picasso, and creating Picasso-inspired collages using a variety of materials cut into different geometric shapes. Some students have also begun to put on their “environmental photojournalist hats” in preparation for the Art Show and are snapping pictures of things in the natural environment. Others are identifying pictures they have taken in the past of animals or sunsets and they are so excited to share.

The Pisarro-inspired cityscapes of Grades 7 and 8 are now on display in the hall and are receiving many compliments! Other students have gone on to create additional beautiful works of Impressionism that are also on display.

Many of the Hopper-inspired Victorian home drawings and structures done by Grade 6 are also on display. So beautiful and so creative!

The Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten students learned about the life and work of Henri Matisse and have displayed very beautiful murals of Matisse-inspired cut-outs. They are also beginning their work in preparation for the Art Show, reading a book called The Happiness Tree and creating leaves using recycled materials.

The first grade students have been working very hard constructing treehouses from boxes. They have learned a bit about artist Paul Klee who loved using his imagination. After studying one of his paintings, Tree of Houses. we also talked about how architecture is another form of art.

Students in Grades 2 and 3 have also been working on Pisarro-inspired cityscapes using sponges. Some students have also been working on Hopper-inspired seascapes, learning the technique of lightly sketching a grid first for placement of things in the drawing to create depth.

What a blessing to work with and among such talented, creative and enthusiastic children!

A few photos